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Kickprod > Are you in possession of an unoccupied place ?

Are you in possession of an unoccupied place ?

Kickprod offers you the entire protection of your property with a temporary occupation and private guards. In exchange,  we ask you the permision to convert your unoccupied property into a short lived place (shooting, event or brand promotion). Kickprod, through its website, propose the location of shooting places and any kind of decorations.

Who are we ? 


We are a team working in the rent of equipments and places of shootings for the showbusiness since decades.
Thanks to our website, we are able to answer the constant request of our customers.
Knowing very well the state of mind of the entertainment business, we have implemented a site corresponding to this expectation. launched on May 1st, 2016 and evolves constantly.


Why ? 


Unoccupied property are exposed to flights of metals, to vandalisms, to involuntary fires and to squats.

· Protect your buildings of the natural damages
· Reduce your risks and your costs
· Preserve the value of your real estate property 
· Secure your temporarily inocupated places and reduce your risks



If you are an owner of an empty or unused place, Kickprod restores a use for your property. It is also the opportunity to make your place useful again !



We act everywhere in France.


How to do it ? 

By contacting us to establish a « rendez-vous ».



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